About Us

Established in 2010, Our Company has grown to a full fledged service insurance agency. Currently, the company serves the insurance needs of about 5000 individuals and families, and the insurance needs of numerous business concerns in the country.
We are a professional organization with a dedicated team of qualified Insurance professionals, Risk Engineers, Chartered Accountants and specialized Management Graduates to serve various Insurance and Risk Management requirements of clients.

Our Promise to you...

  • Claims Settlements
  • Our promise to you is that each and every claim will be handled on your behalf with speed and fairness. By being under our umbrella, the process shall be made as simple as possible, and we shall be at your side holding your hand at all times during the process, and that’s what working for you means.

  • After Sales Service
  • Our team of trained and qualified staffs are always available to discuss on a personal level your private or business needs, and you can be certain that their advice and recommendations will be professional.

  • Integrity
  • To act at all times with honesty and atmost good faith and to decline to act if the possibility of any conflict of interest arises. We never compromise on our business ethics at any time.

Our Approach..


We provide a realistic approach to Risk Management and Insurance Broking services.


We help our clients to understand and withstand the unexpected risks with our perfect balance of knowledge, expertise, experience and operations research to manage the risks in an efficient and effective manner.

Customer centric

We provide a customer centric approach by ensuring customer satisfaction through quality and timely service. We strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service and product excellence.

Use of Specialists

We put a team of specialists with deep specialized knowledge to deliver the solutions.

Strong Client Focus

We believe in strong client focus, team work, mutual respect, integrity and practices the principles of ethics and morality.